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The holidays on our website are provided by our company Africa Reserves Safaris Limited/ Trading as Sassabi Expeditions (“SE”, “we” or “us”), a company incorporated within the United Republic of Tanzania which organizes your bookings.


Our office is based in Arusha Tanzania
Main Office, Plot No 153 Block C,
Mateves, Arusha, Tanzania


Your booking is a contract between us and you and the below TERMS & CONDITIONS shall form part of our booking conditions with you so must read carefully and satisfy yourself before you book with us. By booking with us is an express guarantee that you have mandate for yourself and are authorized to accept our terms and conditions for yourself and others travelling with you mentioned on our online booking (booking inquiry and waiver Form) or mentioned in our e-mails correspondences as travelling together with you. If you may have any questions or query regarding these terms and conditions, you are required to raise it with us prior to booking a tour. a request made to SE to confirm a booking implies that you have raised all and any concern or had an opportunity and you did so.

    1. Initial payments or deposits made to SE is an express consent and acceptance to our booking’s terms and conditions. Our contract is concluded when the following have happened between you and us
      1. When you have made a minimum booking deposit of 40%, “hereinafter the initial payment” of your total tour quoted for a trip made in advance of 180 days before the tour or departure date
      2. When full payments are received 90days prior to your departure date. The initial amount and the complete total payments must arrive to SE bank account net bank charges or any transaction charges thereof
      3. There are some tours that may require some more deposits on top of the 40% initial payments depending on circumstances to include but not limited to certain government permits, domestic flights or some peak seasons holidays or the nature of your tour. Our tour consultants will provide information in advance should such circumstances require
      4. If the payments are not received by us 90days prior to your tour date, it remains at our absolute discretion and right without any penalty or fine on our part to cancel your tour and SE shall retain your initial deposit. You must make full payment to us 90days prior to your departure date
      5. Upon receiving a safari request, you will receive a quote in either USD, GBP or Euro, which shall only be valid for 7days from the date we quote you. After the 7days our team may vary the cost of the quote you received or recalculate it due to change of costings, exchange rate or other tour circumstances
      6. The initial deposit made to SE caters for our suppliers’ deposits to firm your bookings and our tour safari consultants booking fee which is 20% nonrefundable in any circumstances for all services rendered to you by our safari consultants for expert advice, correspondences, itinerary crafting, overseeing your bookings, 24/7 call service and briefings and debriefing from the beginning of your bookings to the end of your trip with us
      7. You may add or vary a service close or during your trip(Depending on availability & SE’s convenience to execute the suggested change) at an additional cost, which payments must be made prior to SE offering such varied service
    1. Cancelation of a booking: You may cancel your tour with SE should your travel arrangements demand by sending a notification by e-mail to info@sassabi.com copying in the tour consultant handling your trip arrangements, from which date your cancelation will be implemented. Should you not receive any response and to make sure the e-mail dropped to our inbox you must call Tel: (+255) 746-900-400 should you not receive an immediate acknowledgment response by SE. In the event of a cancelation and since costs are incurred during your booking, the following cancelation charges apply
      1. For the 90 days & over days the 40% applies
      2. For 60-89 days 50% applies
      3. For 30-59 days 75% applies
      4. For 29 days and under 100% applies
      5. If a supplier has a higher cancelation policy than is provided above or on exceptional circumstances, especially for peak seasons like Christmas or new year, you will be notified before you have made a deposit with SE
      6. You are liable to the above cancelation charges once we receive an initial deposit for the tour booking with us. The payments made for special permits or government permits or domestic flights shall be retained by SE in addition or on top of the above charges cancelation policy
      7. We encourage you to apply for an insurance policy for a tour cancelation to be able to reclaim your charges you may incur for the cancelation
    2. Booking amendment Policy: It may be very difficult or impossible to change a booking but we will try our best to accommodate your request. Should you make changes to your bookings for example amending a travel date or a chosen accommodation, after we have invoiced you or received your deposit, such request must come in writing by person who made the booking with SE and
      1. Should the amendment become possible, you will be charged $120 on top of the costs or charges incurred to make a booking amendment
      2. The costs of make an amendment to your bookier gets higher towards your tour departure dates, thus we must be contacted immediately should the need arise
      3. Changes made within 90days prior to the tour date, may not be possible and as such some changed may attract up to 100% cost incurred for that particular change or fall under our 90days cancelation policy.
      4. SE allows transfer of your booking to another traveler of your choice subject to that new traveler accept the terms and conditions of this agreement which you must disclose to, should we receive a notification at least 14days prior to the departure date. Should you transfer your booking to someone else, the following terms shall further apply
        1. The new traveler must accept the booking terms and conditions that you booked SE
        2. Both you and the new traveler must be responsible for any additional costs or charges incurred to make that change
        3. The transfer costs shall be borne by you
      5. Can SE be changing my booking
        SE does not significantly affect your holiday
        1. Although unlikely at all, SE reserves the right to make changes to your tour, when it becomes necessary, and you will be notified by e-mail if such changes are made. These changes could mostly be minor due various reasons. If any major component of your tour has been made due to force major or change of Tanzania laws or policy where operations are taking place, or accommodation is no longer accessible due to heavy rains, fire, or such other similar circumstances you must be notified immediately when such change happens.
        2. SE shall not be liable and nor compensation to be claimed by a traveler when a tour has been changed by SE due to unusual or unforeseen circumstances beyond SE’s control where by any best tour operator would not have avoided or where in view of SE continuing with such a tour is likely to cause health or financial risk to the travel or tempers with safety requirements
        3. No compensation claim may be made where SE cancels a tour as a result of the traveler failing to provide accurate information or fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement
        4. There shall not be any compensation claim for child at or under the age of 2 years old. The company does not accept any liability that arise to itself or its suppliers, agents or employees or any liability as a result of loss of business occurring as a result of information provided by client where such information prior to the booking would not have reasonably been foreseen would lead to compensation if this contract is breached
        5. Our company does not accept liability where the performance of our part in this contract depended on your part in order to enable us perform or your actions or inaction prevented our performance or obligation in this contract
        6. Our company shall not be liable or responsible to deliver a booked tour in the event of terrorists attacks, war, deserters, industrial disputes, strikes, riots, wars, warnings of any threatening conditions by reliable sources, fire, pandemics, transport failures due to technical issues, scheduled or chartered flights cancelations or change of arrangements, National emergencies and cancelation of any part of service, government controls, closure of parks or any similar event that is out of SE’s control
        7. If you had special needs and we were not informed with the details. Should we suggest amendment to accommodate such needs, you will incur the costs added there on. A tour may be cancelled if we cannot accommodate such needs that you did not inform us in advance for good arrangements before we book you, if such changes are significant to require us cancel the tour, we reserve the right to cancel the same without any liability on our part
    SE reserves the right to price quoted for your booked tour should the following happen;
    1. Prior Bookings: Where a tour has been booked in advance for an estimate before the supplier has issued us with their new prices for the year ahead. Such payment is reconciled when due in order that the tour leader tops up the difference accordingly
    2. Change of National fiscal policies; The company has no control on increase of government park fees, taxes, tourist taxes, disembarkation fees, WMA’s fees, rescue air ports and similar which means these are likely to trigger a change of costs to our suppliers for a booked tour. You will be notified if such a change takes place so that you can top up the difference
    3. Inflation and Fuel surcharges: fuel costs change abruptly making a booked tour costly than was estimated, you will be notified if this change happens in order to top up the difference
    4. Significant error or omission: where an error becomes so obvious that we significantly undercharged your tour and realize that such an error is as significant as its obvious in the face of records we retain this right of withdrawal and amend accordingly
    5. Inflation and currency fluctuations; Inflation and currency fluctuation may cause a change that may necessitate us to require you to top up on the inflation rate
    Please note that some of the above changes are very unlikely due to the fact that our tours are charged on the same currency as when you book your tour with us
    This contract does not cover out of scope service not provided by us. Your itinerary shall show the included and exclude of the services we provide.
    The following services are out of scope of this contract;
    1. Failure to inform SE without undue delay of any failure of the service component promised in your tour package
    2. Your services are designed having developing country’s infrastructure and existence of local standards and traditional of the on-ground areas in where we operate in mind.
    3. Service that are not part of this contract including failed services that has been added by your accommodation or suppliers has accepted to offer, however such service is not offered or arranged by us even if advertised in our brochure or website publications or made a recommendation of them in any of our platforms.
    4. Although SE books any of the activities, accommodation, facility or any services thereof, it remains an agent for the purpose of your booking and is not liable for any failed service of the particular provider thereof or any defect as a result of use of such facility or excursion. In case we are found liable for any reason including but not limited to an injury, death, loss, lack of enjoyment, cost, illness, misdescription, recklessness or negligence our liability is limited to not more than Ten percent of the total cost of our initial quote to you
    5. A tour to Africa is an adventure, when you book with us you agree and consent to an adventure some components carry with them some risks, for example climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, boat riding, snorkeling or similar; you agree to completely indemnify SE with their directors, employees, associates, agents, employees and suppliers from;
      1. Default in any component of failure of service or product for any one carryout out such adventures works at that particular moment which led to an occasion of loss
      2. Did not enjoy your tour due to various reasons including but not limited to power cuts, technical defaults, occasion of errors, wildlife attacks or any similar action or inaction of SE or its suppliers or agents
      3. Illness, death or loss occasioned due to wildlife, plants, environment and illness or any involvement, allergies, inherent with your booked tour
      4. You agree to comply, be liable and to be bound directly by policies of our suppliers and that the contract of any component of service offered by them and you shall conform to their booking terms and conditions
  5. Contractual obligations with other suppliers: Your trip package is made up of accommodation, on land, sea and air transport that are governed by International Laws including the International Conventions. You agree to subscribe to those laws and conversion and completely indemnify SE from any liability or loss thereof by agreeing with the limitations set thereof and be directly responsible to the relevant supplier at your own expense and cost should any arise.
  6. Direct or indirect implications: We are not responsible for any loss or risk inherent with direct or indirect implications of the contract with a carrier in the chain of your travel to Africa including but not limited to those contracting under the International Conventions that may result into losses due to cancellations, scheduling, changes, technical failures, diversions, luggage loss, no show to accommodation, delay, operations failures, death or injury or similar
  7. Accommodation & excursions: when booking a tour with us, SE does not own these accommodations or excursions but books these services on your behalf with these suppliers. The contract is between you and the suppliers and not with SE. We shall not be liable or responsible for any component of the services offered by the suppliers
  8. Supplementary documents: You will receive quotes from us in form of e-mails and or attachments detailing your tour day by day with corresponding activity and accommodation. You are responsible to contact us immediately if there is any part of the information you receive that you need clarified or more information about. You must contact us immediately when you receive such documents and if you believe they contain any errors or some corrections for example your travel dates, names on the tickets or similar other information that may likely affect your tour. If we have not received any correction or question within 7days from the date you receive that information from us, you agree that such information is accurate and we will not be responsible afterwards
  9. Travel information: travel information provided on our website is minimum to the guidance and does not cover information regarding International Flights, International travel policies or any of such component. It is your responsibility to find out the travel policy requirements like visas required, restrictions, international flights schedules, health requirements, physician advice, inoculations, vaccination certificates and similar before your travel date, make sure to follow this link gov.uk/foreign-travel- for updates and foreign information.
  10. Our travel brochure downloadable from our website, sassabi.com or the Safari Note book are to assist you find the right information as it only provides to the minimum, it is your responsibility to gather accurate and correct information regarding the Tour destination and SE is not responsible for any error or inaccuracy of that information published on the said brochures or website or your failure to follow instructions provided for your tour
  11. You will listen to instruction from your safari guide all the time while on Safari with SE including guide information and help on how to safari in wildlife areas and in the bush including how to engage with communities in the Wildlife areas, the dos and don’ts and respect to African cultural norms. SE may use the images, photos or videos taken by you, your travelling partners or us, while on safari on SE”s; website or social media platforms if taken while travelling with us
  12. Booked facilities; You are responsible to utilize the booked facilities including accommodation, excursions and services we booked for and on your behalf. SE shall not be responsible if some or any part of these services have not been consumed or utilized due to your failure to show or utilize or not enjoying the same
  13. You agree that where you may be entitled to certain benefits from the Internal conventions or any other law or supplier’s policy, shall not entitle you compensation or refund with SE and of such benefits received from any of the supplier in the chain does not imply any liability or claim to SE.
  14. Complain Procedure: any unsatisfactory part of your tour must be channeled through our administration and for accommodation in any of our booked accommodation reports this to the hotel manager directly(they are directly responsible) where you are staying immediately and your tour guide (if its accommodation). Should this relate to a part performed by us, please inform us through our 24/7 phone number provided to you at time of your booking and must be followed by an e-mail via info@sassabi.com immediately when it happens to allow us take an immediate action.
  15. Travel insurance: You must purchase an adequate travel and health insurance when you book a tour in order to travel with us. This forms the fundamental part of our Terms and Conditions. We shall cancel your booking immediately when we become aware that you commenced your tour with us without an adequate travel and health insurance and your travel insurance must cover the following to the minimum; Tour cancelation, medical travel insurance, loss of valuable items. Following the covid pandemic that no one on earth would have ever thought about, we now recommend our clients to book a travel insurance policy that covers them for any reason whatsoever
  16. Binding Nature of this agreement: I agree that there are two ways of accepting the Terms and Conditions of this agreement one is by signing this agreement or the Tour booking Form or the Release and Waiver Form OR by simply sending tour deposit to SE’s bank account affirms my consent and that I have willingly agreed to be bound by Terms and Conditions applicable in order to book a tour with SE.
  17. Laws and Dispute Resolution: This contract will be interpreted and construed and shall be governed by the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania where the tour activities are taking place. Client submits to the exclusive laws of the Tanzania jurisdiction for any dispute that may arise out or any part of this contract
  18. I have read this agreement: I confirm that I have read and understood this Agreement and hereby agree with the terms and conditions herein including the term and conditions contained in the tour inquiry and Release and Waiver Form, all forming part of the Terms and Condition published by SE on their website, and hereby agree with the said Terms and Conditions prior to making a tour deposit that the said terms and conditions shall be binding. Should a contradiction arise between the Release and Waiver Form or inquiry form and this agreement, this agreement shall take precedent.

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