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At Sassabi Expeditions we are passionate about sharing the most authentic Tanzanian experiences with our guests. We welcome you to visit our home. Karibu!
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The wild African plains spark a sense of wonder and adventure – and for good reason. Nowhere else in the world can you see giraffes striding across the savannah, surrounded by thousands of grazing wildebeest and flat-topped acacia trees, while lions peer hungrily through the tall grass. Wild yet serene, the snow-capped peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro scrapes the sky as the Maasai people march their cattle in a colorful display. This is no cinematic scene, it is our home, and we invite you to it.

Commitment to Conservation

Our team at Sassabi Expeditions is deeply rooted in and connected to our local community. Based in beautiful Tanzania, we know the Serengeti because it is our home.

Not only are our safari tours personalized to give you the best of Africa, but our organization gives back through localized conservation efforts. This means when you travel with Sassabi, you’re making a direct contribution to the preservation of our beautiful and fragile ecosystem.

Ready to discover African Experiences


Whether you want to safari in the Serengeti, escape to the palm-fringed beaches of Zanzibar, enjoy fascinating cultural experiences with indigenous tribes like the Masai, or take on Africa’s mightiest mountain, Kilimanjaro, our team of experts is here to help curate your perfect vacation Karibu.


Our professionally trained team of guides is comprised of Tanzanian locals and current residents who have traveled the area extensively. With a unique and specialized insight, we are able to offer the most authentic travel experiences for our guests.


Our guests can expect the highest quality of travel accommodations and experiences. From our expert guides to our hand-picked camps and lodges, our travel specialists are equipped to customize the perfect itinerary for our travelers.


When you travel with Sassabi Expeditions, you make a meaningful contribution to the preservation of Tanzania’s diverse cultures and wildlife. Our safari tours provide direct support to our localized conservation efforts and impacts.


Our dedicated team is available 24/7, from the moment of inquiry to the point of departure, to ensure that every aspect of your trip runs smoothly. We’re here to answer any questions you have regarding all aspects of travel and experience expectations.


At Sassabi Expeditions, we love what we do. We’re passionate about giving our guests the most authentic experience of Tanzania. With a wide selection of personalized offerings, you can rely on us to arrange anything you may need during your trip.

what our guests say

Our reviews are a testament to the authentic and exceptional experiences we offer. As you embark on your safari journey, we sincerely hope that you will share your feedback with us on our social platforms and make referrals. Your feedback is a valuable way for us to continuously improve and exceed expectations. Our team is committed to providing unforgettable safari adventures that will be cherished for a lifetime. We hope to earn your trust and welcome you as part of the Sassabi family. We would be delighted to offer a list of references that you can directly contact before booking your safari for further research. Thank you for considering us for your adventure
Steve BrightSteve Bright
12:41 15 Mar 23
I have recently returned from a safari tour with Sassabi Expeditions and it’s safe to say it was the experience of a lifetime.I am a serious birder and wildlife enthusiast. We toured Serengeti, Ngorongoro conservation area and Tarangire all of which had birds and mammals which were off the chart. I travelled with an old friend who is also a birder and equally enthusiastic about wildlife. He has much more experience of sub-Saharan Africa and agrees that our experience was spectacular. Wildlife encounters are often down to chance but the skill and expertise of Joseph, our driver and wildlife guide, along with Modi, our bird guide, knew the right places to go to ensure we got as much out of the safari as possible.Sassabi provided an amazing experience from start to finish. We were well looked after by Jessica during the planning from the UK and also on location when we arrived in Arusha, as well as on our return to the city. Joseph and Modi made our experience so enjoyable by being super keen and accommodating to our birding needs, which differ from mammal watching but also by being great company for our long days in the jeep.5 star rating....highly recommended. I hope to be able to return in the not too distant future. Thanks Sassabi!
Elisabeth MerzElisabeth Merz
06:27 12 Dec 20
I had an unforgettable 2 days safari in Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Crater. Not only could we watch animals from a very close distance, but we also have been provided with many interesting and specific information about their habitats, behavior, food and many more. The service provided to us by Sassabi Expeditions was excellent. Everything was organized perfectly. The warm meal for lunch that has been served to us in the wilderness was a daily highlight as well. Customer service provided to us by our driver guide Erasto was exceptional. Also, the accommodation that was selected for us has been comfortable with the service of high standard.All in all my two safari days have been extraordinary and I will never forget.I highly recommend Sassabi Expeditions tours.
Roland RichterRoland Richter
12:45 16 Nov 20
Unforgettable Serengeti Safari with Sassabi ExpeditionsSassabi Expeditions provided us with a perfectly organized and according to our expectations performed safari in Northern Tanzania. Our tour had been adapted to our individual shedule - all this is possible with Sassabi Expeditions, just contact and ask them. We went there in October to enjoy the Great Migration in the Northern part of Serengeti National Park and the world famous Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Please don't forget to plan your safari according to the season - go only to various areas at the specific seasons when animals are there. Don't go for cheap offers to see gras an savannah only. The visit of the Ngorongoro Crater is a unforgettable experience you should not miss while visiting Tanzania. Amazing to stand in one of the world's largest calderas, long ago having been a volcanoe similar in height of Mt. Kilimanjaro, another highlight in Northern Tanzania, and mountain climbing you can easily organized through Sassabi Expeditions. To visist a traditional Maasai village I really recommend not to miss. You will get a impression of the traditional culture of these indigenous people in Tanzania. My warmest thanks to Sassabi Expeditons and all the staff involved in our safari, very professional service. No questions remained unanswered by our knowledgeable guide Erasto, he could explain all the animals, big and small, the environment and stunning nature in Northern Tanzania, like printed in a book not stopping to talk. Last but not least I highly recommend Sassabi Expeditions because of their support to local commuities, a share of each tour will support the ones who need most. Thank you so much. Ashe naleng.

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Tanzania is a year-round destination. The best time to visit will depend on the experiences you are looking for and what wildlife you would like to spot.


June – October


November – March

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