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The Sassabi Difference

Our name, Sassabi (Rhymes with “Wasabi”), is a Swahili word meaning Tsessebe or Topi antelope, one of the fastest and most handsome antelopes in Africa. The Topi is a highly-social animal and an integral part of the ecosystem here. It’s a Serengeti resident – just like us.

We welcome you to our amazing homeland. Our team has built a reputation for creating authentic safari experiences, simply luxury in the wild. We design each of our unique safari tours to explore the natural beauty of Tanzania, all while protecting and making a lasting impact on the land, wildlife and local communities in which we operate. It is our mission to provide you with the most memorable and exotic expedition of a lifetime.

Passionate Local Guides

We not only create customized and luxurious itineraries across Tanzania, but we also understand the difference that having passionate and knowledgeable local guides can have. Our guides take the time to explain every sighting, every landscape, and every encounter in detail so that you get to experience life in the Tanzanian wilderness like a true local.

Our Commitment to Conservation

When you travel with Sassabi Expeditions, we guarantee that 10% of our profit goes directly to 3 Conservation Initiatives. No other company can match this commitment. By taking a safari, you’re contributing to planting trees in Kilimanjaro, protecting wildlife, and investing in education programs for local communities. We also pledge to only work with accommodation providers that are built and managed in sustainable, eco-friendly ways to ensure that we leave the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Each of Our Land Cruisers are Designed to Help You See More

Each of our land cruisers has been customized to the highest standard to enhance your overall safari experience. Each vehicle is also limited to six seats, so that every guest has a window seat from which to catch all the action.

We Treat You Like Family

People are at the core of what we do and we welcome each of our guests into our family. We embrace the true spirit of African hospitality, welcoming guests from around the world and forging life-long bonds that will stay with you long after you leave us. We can’t wait to meet you!

Total Flexibility

Offering both pre-packaged safaris and a wide range of customizable offerings, we can create the perfect experience for you. Our seasoned travel experts work with a variety of accommodation partners in hand-picked locations to create your trip of a lifetime. We’re available 24/7 to answer any questions and offer assistance in preparing the perfect tour at your request.

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