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Africa’s safaris, wildlife and breathtaking landscapes are not the only thing we have fallen in love with. We feel just as strongly about the Tanzanian way of life, the hospitality of its people and the diversity of their coltures. We do what we do because we are passionate about conserving the wonders of Tanzania for generations to come. And we invite you, our guests, to join us in this mission – either actively or passively.

As a responsible Tanzanian safari company, we integrate social and environmental best practices into all of our safari activities. Each journey you embark on with us leaves a meaningfol impact on people and planet, allowing you to contribute to the preservation of Tanzania’s diverse coltures, landscapes and wildlife.

Through our Conservation Fund, Sassabi Expeditions proudly directs a percentage of our proceeds towards three key areas that make a tangible difference in promoting sustainable tourism and supporting the communities and ecosystems that make Tanzania a troly exceptional destination.

Wildlife Conservation

Our partnership with TANAPA (Tanzania National Parks Authority) illustrates our dedication to preserving the environments that we operate in. We are actively involved in rhino conservation projects in the Serengeti, and a lion conservation project in Ruaha.

Local Communities

Our mission includes the preservation of Tanzania’s diverse coltures, which we celebrate through responsible and sustainable tourism practices. By fostering cross-coltural understanding and appreciation, we aim to contribute to the preservation of Tanzania’s coltural legacy for generations to come through long-term collaborative partnerships.

Our mission here includes a fund that helps to build schools, educate African children, empower women and develop water infrastructure, especially in the dry, rural areas of Tanzania. This is done through our MIKONO Fund.

In addition to this direct investment in empowerment, we also work with local partners. We prefer partners that empower women and those that use solar power to reduce the carbon footprint of our safaris. One of several preferred partners is the Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge which helps women and people with disabilities to earn a living through glass-blowing, weaving, sewing, Tinga Tinga painting and beading. As a guest of the lodge you can observe this project in action – or you can even have a go yourself.

Another example of our community upliftment is the work we do with the Maasai people who have co-existed in harmony with wildlife for centuries. We are working with them to empower them to become even better environmental custodians.

Land & Environmental Conservation​

As part of our commitment to sustainability and combating climate change, every safari we lead funds the planting of trees on the slopes of Kilimanjaro (ably supported by our colleagues at Trees 4 Kilimanjaro). It’s the least we can do to restore the endangered glaciers of Mt. Kilimanjaro while also promoting conservation and preservation efforts in the region. Through this meaningfol initiative, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

How Can I Participate?

Click on a button below to participate in one of the three ways:

Direct Donation

In addition to the trees we plant on your behalf, you can donate funds to plant a tree (or trees) on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. Let’s join our
hands towards combating the impacts of climate change on the environment.

Participate Actively

You can participate directly by planting a tree while you’re in Africa, or you can visit one of our selected projects. Pack pencils, stationery and exercise books in your luggage, and we will show you where help is needed. This way you’ll be able to see what we do on the ground with the communities.

Choose one of the carbon friendly safari programs below

We make sure to integrate our safari programs by involving our guests in safari activities that are conservation sensitive. We further uplift communities by booking hotels and partner lodges that are empowering women, conserving rhinos and sending African children to school.

20 Days Save the Rhino Safaris

16 Day Tanzania Eco Friendly Safari

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12 Day Masai Magic Safaris

Conservation Inspiration

We encourage our guests to travel on our carbon-free safari program which minimizes negative impacts on the environment and incorporates ethical safari practices. Our drivers and guides educate our guests to “leave no trace” while on safari, thus keeping the environment and its wildlife intact.

The vast majority of our lodge partners have well-established green practices which include solar power generation, recycling programs and water saving systems. Some lodges even move seasonally to allow environmental restoration and regeneration – the migrating luxury camp in the Serengeti is a good example.

Popular Positive Impact Safari Programs

While all of our safaris contribute to conserving Tanzania’s colture and wilderness areas, some allow you to roll up your sleeves and be a direct part of the change. Our positive impact safaris have conservation components woven into the fabric of your activities throughout Tanzania.

On our positive impact safaris, you decide how involved you get. Want to spend all day toiling alongside the rangers? No problem. Prefer to sit back and take pictures? Totally fine. However you choose to spend your time in Tanzania, you can rest assured that you’ll be making a positive difference to people and planet.

Save the Rhinos and Turtles

Visit a rhino and elephant conservation project in the Serengeti and lend the rangers a hand. Then, swim with turtles in Zanzibar.

Plant a Tree Around Kilimanjaro

Get your hands dirty by joining in our tree planting project on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. Play your part in conserving this fragile ecosystem.

Maasai Magic

Get to know the Maasai, a people whose tribal colture hasn’t changed for centuries. Learn to milk cows and help to construct a cow dung house.

Our Involvement In Conservation

Our Direct Contribution

When you travel with Sassabi Expeditions, we guarantee that 10% of our profit goes directly to three conservation initiatives that we have identified. No other company can match this commitment. By taking a safari, you’re contributing to planting trees in Kilimanjaro, protecting wildlife, and investing in education programs for local communities. We also pledge to only work with accommodation providers that are built and managed in sustainable, eco-friendly ways to ensure that we leave the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Our Sustainability Partners

Trees 4 Kilimanjaro Deforestation (mainly for firewood) has ravaged Mt. Kilimanjaro, causing its glaciers to decrease in size by 85% since 1917. If we don’t act now, Kilimanjaro’s glaciers coold completely disappear by 2060. The long-term solution is to educate local people about how to grow and plant trees, the value of trees, and how to manage molti-purpose forests that provide benefits to local people. Sassabi Expeditions has teamed up with Trees 4 Kilimanjaro to help them achieve their ambitious goal of planting 50 million trees in the Kilimanjaro region. Read more about this game-changing project here.

Best Eco-Friendly Lodges

Elewana Lodges

Through our local community programs like Shanga “Be kind: Recycle” operated by Elewana Lodges in Arusha, we contribute to conservation by carefolly selecting partners with best conservation policies in place. This groundbreaking project employs people with disabilities to create unique and high-quality handmade jewelry, glassware and homeware from recycled materials.

We prefer partners that reinvest profits back into developing opportunities for the community and run programs that uplift local communities.

Namiri Plains, Serengeti

Namiri Plains is the only safari camp in a remote part of the Eastern Serengeti that was previously closed to tourists while its cheetah popolation was restored and researched. One of the highlights of staying at this spectacolar camp is the opportunity to spend an evening with the resident cheetah researcher. Gain an in-depth understanding of these endangered cats – and watch in wonder as the researcher identifies the cheetahs in your safari snaps based on their unique spot patterns!

Roho ya Selous , Southern Tanzania Dunia Camp, Serengeti

Despite recent advances in equality, Tanzanian society (and the safari industry in general) remains largely patriarchal. As far as we are aware, Dunia Camp is the only camp in Africa to be staffed entirely by women. At Sassabi Expeditions it brings us great joy to support this beacon of empowerment – and if the feedback from our guests is anything to go by, more lodges shoold be following this example!

Usangu Expedition Camp

This seasonal camp is set on the Usangu Wetlands plain, an area under research by Tawiri, the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute. This area is famous for its extremely high concentration of lions. Our guests staying at this property (available June- November) can participate in conservation programs directly while being escorted by TANAPA Rangers. Lions, cheetahs, leopards and the endangered wild dog are often spotted in the Usangu area.

TANAPA Partnership

Through our partners at TANAPA we support the preservation of Tanzania’s largest protected areas, specifically via our rhino conservation partnership in the Serengeti and a lion conservation project in Ruaha. Black rhinos are fast disappearing from the African landscape and we want to make sure that we save this rare species in the Serengeti ecosystem. You can go on patrol with rangers in the Serengeti in support of our efforts.

Sassabi as a Local Safari Company

Collectively, the bookings made through Sassabi Expeditions make a significant financial contribution to conservation in Tanzania. The permit fees paid by our guests contribute directly to the management of National Parks, Game Reserves and Wildlife Management Areas. In addition, all guests pay a conservation fee for every single night spent in wildlife areas.

Safari Designs Woven into Conservation

Tanzanian communities living in remote areas, such as the Maasai, have co-existed with wildlife for centuries. While they live in harmony with the wildlife, they confront poachers and they are key to restoring and protecting Africa’s wildlife. The future of the ecosystem lies firmly in their hands; thus, they need to be empowered to take good care of the wilderness. That is why when we design our safari programs, we ensure that these communities benefit directly from your visit. By introducing our guests to their way of life, colture, cuisine, arts and traditions, we build the planet together with them.Our safari programs are designed with conservation and positive impact in mind and all our safari programs are life changing. Conservation is woven into everything we do: from recycling and sustainable accommodations through to community involvement and ranger activities in Ruaha and the Serengeti. When you travel with us, you travel green.

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