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Tanzania is a country full of natural splendor, astounding wildlife, seductive beaches, charming ancient towns and world-renowned archaeological sites, making it the ultimate bush and beach destination. From walking the open plains of the Tarangire National Park with the Maasai to snorkeling the turquoise waters of Zanzibar and even pin-pointing the best time of year to catch the Serengeti’s Great Migration, we’ve spent years crafting a kaleidoscope of experiences to help our guests check off every item on their bucket list.

We’ve built a reputation for creating authentic safari experiences designed to explore the natural beauty of Tanzania, all while protecting and making a lasting impact on the land, wildlife and local communities in which we operate.

Our Team

Sassabi Expeditions are experts and leaders in the travel industry . Most of our team members from the Board of directors to our tour guides drivers and staffs are Africa born, have lived or worked in Africa, their knowledge and skills for Safari and guest experience is top notch. We pride ourselves of the reputation we have earned for decades and the trust we have bult in the continent and globally.

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The Board

Sassabi Expeditions is a renowned leader in providing unparalleled, authentic safari experiences and luxury in the wilds of Africa. Our distinguished board members are seasoned experts in the industry, with decades of experience under their belts, bringing crucial knowledge and expertise to our services.

    Jeremy Lowney

    Business Development Director

      Levi Lowney

      Marketing Director Global

        Lightness Johnson

        Finance Director

          Jessica Ree

          Guest Experiences

            Filip Travaeli Nasari

            Conservation Director

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