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Data Privacy Policy

  1. Guarantee Of Confidentiality

    Sassabi Expeditions takes Data Privacy seriously and very strict. Our commitment to protecting your privacy online is unwavering and we have designed our policy to ensure we give you peace of mind and confidence when you deal with us. Our Data Privacy is updated from time to time. Please make sure to revisit and review our policy to confirm they are still in your liking as this is a March,2024 version that is currently applicable. Our privacy policy stipulates what kind of information we collect from you and how we use your information including those travelling with you.
  2. Your Data and Information
    1. Gathering information: Your data or information is the information gathered by us when you willingly submit and contact Sassabi Expeditions via our website or directly e-mail us. We may also collect this information when you contact us, or subscribed from our website or social media platforms, referrals or when you click and subscribe to our adverts.
    2. Purpose of this data: We need this data in order to be able to process your order or design your tour and provide a quotation and subsequently rightly so when we book you a tour with us. This information may include your names and contact details, travel needs and preferences including but not limited to your dietary requirements, interests, social requirements, activities for you and those you represent during your booking of a tour with Sassabi Expeditions.
  3. Our Use Of Your Information
    1. We do not pass your information: We do not pass your data or information to third party SAVE to the extent permitted by law. Circumstances that may permit your data to pass to our trusted suppliers when booking you, apply when our trusted suppliers for example hotels, lodges and various activities, insurances, flights bookings, medivacs and safety and incidents management, national parks bookings and government relevant authorities for your visas; agencies etc apply when BOOKING a tour, and the information to be disclosed like your name and booking details is for operational reasons only fairly compatible with what you intended that we use your information for.
    2. Necessary Information: We may disclose some or all necessary information to these trusted agencies to enable us deliver the tour services booked or that you intend to book with us. Your information may then be processed for one of the above examples but not limited to any other purpose as some of these agencies may appropriately determine for the tour operations reasons. Sassabi at its discretion may disclose this information when appropriate in order to deliver its service to a traveler or when required to do so by the authority or agency as may be determined by circumstances.
    3. Respect to information, we respect your information and right to privacy and personal communication with us. We will treat your information with high level of secrecy and confidentiality when received by us
  4. Purpose of Information
    1. Purposes of information to be used may include administration and operations of our activities, Services and improvement of tour activities, safety management and our customer care, business management, research and marketing requirements, risk assessments’, combating crimes and fraud and detection and monitoring. Other purposes may include social media and marketing and various referral programs and travel rewards, litigation and dispute resolutions, arbitration among others
    2. Your health information is highly protected and considered sensitive in our Data privacy policy, thus this information is collected and accepted at your consent.
    3. Your interest: Your information may be used for the purpose of rendering services to you or ensuring your interests are met including your needs. By booking a tour with us, you agree and authorize your medical insurance agencies, agents, next of keen or any persons that may be in possession of such information to release and exchange the same when the need arise for any one acting on your behalf or for your interest when the need arise or in state of emergency
    4. Website information: Sassabi expeditions collects information from its website visitors and may use the same to improve its marketing contents and be able to services its potential tour bookings.
  5. Direct Marketing Material: Sassabi Expeditions engage in marketing for the purpose of improving its services and products to travelers like you. Your e-mail address that you we hold may be used for our future marketing programs including offers, tours, news, travel stories and travel inspirations including some components that our office determine may be of interest to you. Should you lose interest on some components or any of these engagements, you are free to unsubscribe or update your information or preferences accordingly. Sassabi does not and will not pass your information to third party for marketing purposes at any time.
  6. Right To Information
    1. Copy of my information: Sassabi expeditions may supply you with a copy of your information at a small fee determined by us normally about $15 or may be more depending on the mode and mechanism of supply. The fee may also apply when you want information corrected or adjusted for any inaccuracies
    2. Right to unsubscribe: our information supply from our website or newsletters or e-mails have “unsubscribe” button or “disable cookies” from which you may unsubscribe. You also may o contact us directly via e-mail (info@sassabi.com ) and we will stop from delivering any of the information to you or stop using the same in any way you do not wish immediately
  7. Data Security
    1. Data processing: Our policy is very strict on data security and we make sure that information we collect from you is secure. In the process of protecting your information, we use very secure servers and software recommended in the industry approved standards, to the extent that the information you sent us is encrypted until it reaches our server is where the de-encryption apply. Your information is also protected internally within our company policy.
    2. Cookies use
      1. Our website uses cookies that help us identify two things, one is how our website visitors use our website when they click on pages on each visit and which devices they are using, however, please note that cookies record this information anonymously, so these files are not to identify you personally neither are they harmful to your computer.
      2. Use of information from cookies & google analytics: Cookies do not provide us information about you and only used for statistical and analytical purposes. This information may be used for marketing when we display our advertisements, offers, rewards program, deals on our digital platforms or other platforms where we advertise and display. This data is used by us in conformity to our strict data policy and the google data privacy’s. You may opt out by turning off the preferences when you are on our pages.
      3. Google analytics information: This information helps us assess data regarding website visits, sessions and length of stay and pages visited. Cookies do not provide information like your names or personal data instead it only identifies IP address and dates the website is visited. Our practices do not corelate the information we collect from you with that collected from google analytics. If you opt out for cookies on return to our website, please on return or disable the cookies function from your devise browser
    3. Laws and jurisdiction: Sassabi Expeditions website is accessible worldwide and displays its advertisements accordingly, where data privacy policies vary in a wide range of strict compliance in jurisdictions. Due to this intricacy, this data privacy policy has been developed having the “Data Privacy” laws and Regulations that apply to where our tours are offered and operations are conducted, Tanzania and the Laws and Regulations shall apply accordingly.
  8. Website Access
    1. Our website: You consent to access our website by our Terms and Conditions of use together with all applicable laws and regulations. You may refrain from accessing this website should you want not to be bound by its Terms and Conditions. Our website materials are reserved for Sassabi Expeditions and under the trade mark and copyright protection, including but not limited to texts, images, themes and adverts.
    2. License use; Our visitors are permitted to download and use any of our materials where on our website, you are permitted to download or subscribe for certain components of the information. Any of this information shall be used solely for your personal or reference use but strictly prohibited for use as commercial. You are granted a license to use but not transferable nor assignable and the following shall apply and that, you shall not;
      1. Modify, copy, decompile, alter or adjust the material to use for any commercial purpose or display for again or non-commercial purpose
      2. Transfer the license to third party or any other person or do anything similar in any server
    3. License Termination; This license may be terminated by Sassabi Expeditions should you breach our terms and conditions for any reason. When this license is terminated, you shall destroy all the materials in your possession either in electronic of physical form
  9. Disclaimer: Sassabi Expeditions provides the accessed materials in the “as is” conditions and makes no express or implied warranty of suitability, merchantability nor applicability for any purpose nor does it warrant non-infringement of any intellectual property right. Sassabi Expeditions does not make any warranty to accuracy, reliability, use or outcome of any material represented or accessed on its website or any internet platforms.
  10. Limitations: All materials on Sassabi Expeditions website and or its internet platforms are not meant for your use of commercial purpose. Sassabi Expeditions or its agencies or suppliers shall not be liable for any loss or damage; in profits, business, prospects, data or legitimate expectations or incidental damages; as a result, to the use or inability to use of material from its website, links or any internet platforms.
  11. Consent of use and Risk: By accessing, using; materials on our website you consent and accept that Sassabi Expeditions shall not be liable for any error, inaccuracy of information or data or any information displayed thereof. Sassabi Expeditions may update, revise, remove or add any information thereof at any time without notice nor liability to any resultant risk, loss or damage. By Accessing Sassabi Expeditions website, you agree to be bound by its Terms and Conditions of use
  12. Governing Law: The Terms and Conditions on our website are governed and regulated by the Laws of the United Republic of Tanzania and you agree to be exclusively bound by the laws and courts of the jurisdiction where the Tours are offered Sassabi Expedition’s operations taking place

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