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What Sets Tanzania Apart From the Rest

Tanzania, Africa Elephant | Credit: David McKay

What Sets Tanzania Apart From the Rest Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of Tanzania, where the sun-soaked plains and majestic wildlife await you at every turn. Join us at Sassabi Expeditions and learn what sets Tanzania apart from the rest. Picture yourself journeying through the savannah, the grassy fields stretching out before you […]

How to Pack for a Safari: Essential Packing Tips

Tour vehicle in Tanzania, packing for a long safari blog

Smart packing is essential when preparing for a long safari. From
weather considerations to wildlife conservation, our expert advice will
ensure you’re well-equipped for an incredible experience.

What You Need to Know about the Wildebeest Great Migration?


The Wildebeest Great Migration is an annual wildlife phenomenon between the Serengeti of Tanzania and Masai Mara of Kenya. Over a million wildebeests are accompanied by zebras and gazelles that travel between the parks searching for greener pastures by tracking the rain. This journey comes with a danger of its own as the wildebeests have […]

Why should you visit Tanzania this 2022?

Tanzania in general is a great country to visit, whether you are looking for the adventure of game drives, wanting to dip your toes in the crystal clear waters of Zanzibar, experience the rich culture of the locals or thinking of climbing the very popular Mount Kilimanjaro which is also known as the “Roof of […]

Is Tanzania Safe? Why you should start now planning your holiday to Tanzania

Staying in one place can be frustrating. But the good news is the world signs of recovery from the pandemic Coronavirus are starting to bubble up as we witness a gradual opening of international borders, easing travel restrictions, and several airlines have resumed international flight. Our urge for an escape vacation to connect with the world is now more vital than ever.


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