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Why should you visit Tanzania this 2022?

Tanzania in general is a great country to visit, whether you are looking for the adventure of game drives, wanting to dip your toes in the crystal clear waters of Zanzibar, experience the rich culture of the locals or thinking of climbing the very popular Mount Kilimanjaro which is also known as the “Roof of Africa.”

Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Tanzania:

Bush to Beach Adventure

The best itineraries are the ones that include amazing relaxation and picturesque sceneries before it concludes. That is exactly what Tanzania can do.You may opt to go on safari game drives in the first leg of your itinerary and then fly straight to Zanzibar for a beach getaway after. From the bushes of the savannahs to white sandy beaches hence it is called “bush to beach”. How awesome is that?

Experience the Locals

There are several tribes in Tanzania. The Masai and Hadzabe are some of them. In the Northern region of Tanzania is where you can find and socialize with the Masai Tribe. You may encounter them when you visit Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. On the other hand, you may spot some simple dwellings of the Hadzabe Tribe around Lake Eyasi. Both tribes welcome tourists and sometimes, you may catch them in hunting action or in their daily cultural lives.

Encounters with Rare Wildlife

Several endangered animals can be seen in Tanzania. Some of those are African Wild Dogs, Chimpanzees and the Black Rhinos. African wild dogs have been endangered since 1990 but their number is slowly getting back in recent years. Most of its population are found in Tanzania and a portion of Mozambique. Tanzania is also home to some Chimpanzees whose numbers continue to decline. You may find them in Gombe and Mahale National Parks. Although not situated in the usual safari route, Mkomazi National Park is where you can find the Black Rhinos.

Safari All-Year-Round

Whichever month you decide to visit Tanzania, you are guaranteed to see all the wildlife you could hope to find. Although, the annual Great Migration River Crossing usually occurs from July to October. There are a total of 19 national parks in the country so you have the option to choose between the most visited ones or the ones with less tourists for an exclusive experience.

Fits every Budget

It all boils down to your budget and thankfully, Tanzania has a lot of options for you, from economy to the most lavish and luxurious accommodations. You can even choose to have a camping safari as there are several public camping grounds in every park or better yet, join a group safari if you are on a tight budget for an amazing safari experience without leaving a hole in your pocket.

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